Keloid Scar Pictures

These keloid pictures will give you an idea of what keloid scars look like.  So if you are experiencing something similar, don’t freak out.  It’s more common than you think.

The following keloid scar pictures are from parts of the body where keloids are most common, although they can pop up most anywhere where a wound is trying to heal.

keloid piercing
This first picture is of a keloid growing on the ear.  The collagen has grown at the site of the ear piercing.

keloid scar picture

This picture shows keloid scars on the shoulder and upper back.  More than likely this was due to body acne scratching.

keloid on chest


Here’s a picture of keloid scars on the chest and shoulders.

keloid tattoo


This man got keloid scars from his tattoo.  Yes, you can get keloid scarring from a tattoo or anything else that causes skin abrasion.

keloid scars on face


Here’s a picture of extreme or severe keloid scars on the face.

If you have keloids and you don’t want to risk having surgery to remove them, there are some keloid creams available from India and the Phillipines.  Here are some pictures of keloid creams out there. I don’t have any experience with any of these creams.  They are probably similar to other scar repair or scar removal creams.

keloid care cream


Keloid Care cream

keloid salve

Keloid Salve

keloid snake oil cream


Keloid Snake Oil Cream

If you have pictures of your own keloid scars you’d like to share with us or if you know of any other creams or remedies for keloids please use the contact form to let us know.




What is a Keloid?

What is a keloid?

keloid picture

On this site we will give you lots of keloid information, and to start off we will dive into frequently asked questions about keloids.

Here’s the definition of keloid. A keloid, also known as a keloid scar, is the formation of a scar composed of type III (also known as early) or type I. (also known as late) collagen. When granulation tissue experiences overgrowth at the exact location of a healed skin injury it gets replaced by collagen type I.

What does a keloid look like?

We will show you lots of pictures of keloids on this site.  Basically, keloids are usually anywhere from pink to red to dark brown.  They are very firm and rubbery.  They are often very shiny and almost look fake.

Are keloids contagious?

No, keloid scars are not contagious at all. They are completely benign.

Do keloids hurt?

Yes, often keloids do hurt.  They can be painful as well as very itchy.

Are keloid scars and hypertrophic scars the same thing?

No, hypertrophic scars don’t grow beyond where the original wound started, whereas keloid scars do go beyond the original wound.

What are the symptoms of keloids?

When scar tissue doesn’t show up properly when your wounds are healing and large patches of collagen appear instead.

What are the causes of keloid scars?

We’ve already talked about what causes keloids.  Keloid scars can show up anywhere an abrasion has occurred. Here are some common things that can lead to a keloid scar: pimples or acne, scratching, bug bites, burns, or body piercings.

What is the treatment for keloids?

Surgery can be used to remove the keloid scars, but this is very risky because more than half the time the keloid scarring will occur again from the surgery.  Predisposition is your best bet.  If you are prone to keloid scars you should avoid body piercings, mole removals, and any abrasions of the skin.

I hope this information about keloid scars has been helpful.  If you have pictures of your own keloids and you would like to share them with us please send them to us using the contact form and we will post them on the site.